Our Departments

We think that our service quality and internal processes are highly correlated. That is why, we have professionals who are looking into our work-flow and making it simpler but with higher quality. Our expert team are tracking every process from purchase to import; stock management to marketing; sales to after sales service. The process management team and of course technology is at the heart of this work.

Business Development and Process Management

Since 25 years, the biggest reason why we are the leading company is countinuous change. Our way of working help us to be better and more innovative everyday. We try to find new ways to make us different and a company that always goes forward. To enlarge the ‘’tasty’’ table that we sit around, we listen to our customers and follow the trends. In order to strengthen our vision, we constantly track other sectors and the way we work.

Product Management and Import

“Who is Koza Gıda?”

We differentiate ourselves with our high quality and innovative product portfolio. We partner with our customers to turn our culinary passion into brilliant products. We are specialized in various culinary needs and provide different solutions. We have global, partnership relationships with our suppliers, allowing us greater leverage in our category management process.

We also owe a thank to our team of 6 people who are working in our import department. They are competent in regulation and operation. Here, the process starts with guaranteeing that the products that will be imported are suitable with Turkish Food Regulations. Then a permit is taken for importing these products after the necessary analysis of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock of Turkey.

Sales Team

Our experienced sales team are segmented according to different regions and different customer groups. This segmentation is providing us with a professional and detailed approach about different product groups. We have 7 chefs with the aim of showing the best way of product application, give the service to clients for new product and concept development by scheduled demo works.

Storage and Delivery

In order to be able to maintain the quality standards of our products and meet the expectations of our customers in the best possible way, we have established our own storage and logistics system. Each product we import are stored and delivered based on their storage conditions. At this point, our team of 30 people who are expert in storage and delivery work studiously. Our warehouse is at Yassıören İstanbul with a capacity of 6.500 pallets and 7.000 m2. Our warehouse operates according to world standards while calculating heat values and monitor conditions instantly. Our storage and delivery system are certified under BRC certification.

Quality Assurance

Each product we receive are controlled at goods acceptance point by our quality assurance team. In this respect, all products in our warehouse are stored in appropriate temperature. In our warehouse, FIFO rules are applied and all the products are tracked 24/7. Storage and delivery processes are always controlled with hygiene rules. Besides, our delivery vehicles are tracked with temperature record to assure product quality is always at its best and is available to share upon request.

BRC S&D Certificate